July - December 2020

Unit A, 4/f., Kin Teck Industrial Building,
26 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong
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Upcoming Exhibition

A Solo Photography Exhibition by Andrea Björsell​
22 January – 28 February 2021
Sin Sin Fine Art, Unit A, 4/f, Kin Teck Industrial Building,
26 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

Sin Sin Fine Art is proud to present the debut solo exhibition of Hong Kong-based Swedish photographer Andrea Björsell, showcasing 13 photographs of our beloved city captured in 2020. When you think of Hong Kong, you think of skyscrapers, neon lights and its vigorous pace. In this exhibition, Andrea unveiled another tale of the city by capturing candid, subtle interactions between everyday subjects and their surroundings. 

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Past Exhibition

Breathe  A Group Exhibition by
Dwi Setianto, Sin Sin Man and Wong Tong

06 November – 31 December 2020
Sin Sin Fine Art, Unit A, 4/f, Kin Teck Industrial Building,
26 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

To breathe is to live. It is the most fundamental act we do as human beings. It is only when the “privilege” of breathing fresh air is deprived from our daily lives, we start to realise how much we have taken breathing for granted. A showcase of works deeply inspired by the beauty of nature. We present an immersive experience with nature, that invites guests to inhale the good, and exhale the bad.

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Steppe by Steppe (2010) Photo Re-Exhibition (Partial) by
Wong Yan-Kwai

04 September – 24 October 2020
Sin Sin Fine Art, Unit A, 4/f, Kin Teck Industrial Building,
26 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

Wong would like to share with audience his selected group of 24 photos taken from 2006 to 2010 in France and Inner Mongolia, which give voice to the essence of “Steppe(s)” in the title. The Exhibition puts on show the transient instants preserved on Wong’s camera, making every ephemeral moment last. Through revisiting these photos, audience are invited to follow in Wong’s footsteps and gaze afar into the perished days. Photography is an immediate reaction towards the referents, but photos will always transcend time to evoke sensations for eternity.

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Sin Sin Social Club

Welcome to Sin Sin Social Club, where we can watch, listen, read, inquire, create and practice with the best mentors in the sanctuary. We invite you to join our community to explore and nurture your curiosities and find your art of living.


Silk Screen Workshop with artist Wong Tong
12 December 2020

An Evening in the Indian City — Lucknow with DJ Ivan Sit
24 October 2020
Artists News
'HYBRIDITY' Yogya Annual Art #5​

Anusapati, Bob Yudhita Agung, Nasirun, Pande Ketut Taman​ and more

Exhibition Duration: 4 August - 4 November 2020

Venue: Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta-Indonesia​
Hybrid culture refuses the notion of authenticity, purity or originality. However, conceiving hybridity solely as a mixture, which provides a way out for the tension between dominant and marginal cultures, is insufficient.

Artists: Wensen Qi 

Exhibition Duration: 11 July - 29 August 2020​

Venue: Galerie Dumonteil Shanghai​
The exhibition seeks to reveal the rich material-based experiences and touches embedded in Wensen Qi's ultra-simplistic aesthetic style. The title Wandering not only points to the trials with various natural materials by the artist, who has been traversing both eastern and western cultures, but also depicts the nature within aesthetics context, celebrating the essence of nature and the circle of life.
Villa News

Event: Villa Sin Sin - Temple Anniversaries
Venue: Villa Sin Sin Bali
Website: www.villasinsin.com

Temple anniversaries normally celebrated every 7 months, however if the anniversary right on the full moon, the celebration will be every year. Our 2 guardian temples have the anniversaries right on the 5th full moon in Balinese calendar. It started by cleansing ritual for the harmony of the universe (symbolized in human body from the feet, face and above the head symbol of lower spirit, human world and heaven) if the 3 worlds are in peace, the harmony and balance will be maintain. The ceremony continue by worshipping the God in different manifestations: Sunlight/ source of energy, water, moon, guardian and many different forms in all the human life elements. After finished the ceremony, everyone will share the food including the animals around, the core is to appreciate and gratitude for what the God blessings and give back to the nature.